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Introducing Kinder Exeter

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

June 15, 2021

Kinder Exeter is all about finding compassion through play. This week Exeter will play host to our first Kinder Festival featuring fun events that will explore how we can find compassion for ourselves, others, and our world.

We have online workshops happening throughout the week, Kindness Ninjas spreading kindness across the city-centre and, at the weekend, we have live events featuring creative activities for all ages in Southernhay Gardens and Cathedral Green.

About Kinder Festivals

Our festival is part of the Kindness Revolution. Created by Kinder Leeds in 2020, the Kindness Revolution provides a glimpse into how the city can harness kindness, compassion, and creativity to facilitate meaningful community connections and tackle some of the challenges we face.

The Kinder Festivals began in Leeds in 2020 to celebrate and share the many acts of kindness happening across the city following a year of uncertainty and disruption. In September 2020, they held their first online festival, focusing on their Six Ways to a Kinder World – self, relationships, business, spaces, communities, and planet- and explored their Catalysts for a Kinder World. All their events were recorded and are available to watch here! During Kinder Exeter, we are bringing these ideas closer to home.

The next Kinder Leeds festival takes place October 10-16, 2021. Check out their invitation to work with kindness, love to play, love to learn, get creative, and explore food!

Kinder Exeter

The project in Exeter originated as Compassion Through Play. This was a collaboration with the University of Exeter Education Incubator as part of the Communities and Students Together programme with ERASMUS+, and The Playful University Club run by Maarten Koeners. Compassion Through Play sought to nurture learning and connection through play in the University of Exeter community.

When Maarten joined forces with Maketank’s Olya Petrakova, the idea of creating a partnership with Kinder Leeds was formed and the project has since grown into the Kinder Exeter Festival.

Whilst the festival holds its origins at the University of Exeter, Compassion Through Play is spreading wider, creating connections between local communities as well as students. Olya and Maarten believe that kindness and compassion are some of our fundamentally important emotions and qualities of practice and our aim is to spread joy and connection throughout the city!

As we hold the first Kinder Exeter festival, we hope that it will become an annual community-led event and foster connections between Exeter’s many communities. We hope that other cities will take inspiration and join the Kindness Revolution.

Join us this week for our zoom workshops, spot our Kindness Ninjas around town, and get stuck in with playful yoga, origami, and so much more on Saturday and Sunday.

Check out our full schedule of events here!

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